Our enterprise


If you are an automotive professional or want to become a car professional, are you passionate about mechanics and electronics? So join us and we help you build your structure by equipping you with the best engine reprogramming equipment on the market, a bench of last generation power but above all you will be able to use and sell our know-how. You will also be able to offer for sale more than 500 racing car parts manufacturers. Finally, you will transform the vehicles of your future customers into bio-ethanol E85 to save nearly 40% of fuel budget. Not to mention, from our core business, engine reprogramming to increase performance on all types of motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats, jets ski or any other specific gear.10999618_789612714463382_4505004357361613396_o

Your advantages are many,, because you will benefit from the brand and brand image of our brand, discounts distributors from our French and foreign suppliers but especially our technical know-how. We offer a privileged service in several areas such as technical assistance but also on your business development..

In conclusion, we offer you the opportunity to flourish in an exciting job and pay you while being serene about the future of your business because in addition you will enjoy a regional exclusivity but also and especially the security of the name " LR PERFORMANCE " ».